By applying Agile best practices across their operations, as well as in software development, businesses can increase their effective response to competitive pressures

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Agile Coach

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An essential element of Agile transformation is the experience of the people involved. Combining an MBA and a Masters Program in Organizational Development, along with extensive technical experience, Michael Chacon has been providing objective strategic IT and business advice to organizations for over 25 years. Michael’s fundamental guiding principle is that technology is simply a tool used to execute business objectives. Your relationship with the IT Utility Company begins and remains in partnership based upon your business goals and objectives.

Over 25 Years Practical Experience

In addition to his extensive technical and business management experience, Michael has published several books and hundreds of articles in professional journals on enterprise systems architecture and its application to business operations. These professional journals include Network Magazine, SQL Forum Journal, 3Com Technical Journal, Communications Week, Computer Reseller News, LAN Magazine, and Windows IT Pro. Michael was also a featured columnist and contributing editor for Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine for six years. In addition, Michael has been a featured speaker and contributor at professional technical conferences such as TechEd, WinConnections, Netscape, TechMentor, Networld, Networkers, DEC Symposium, and others. The content of these publications and speaking engagements developed from his consulting experience with Fortune 1000 companies in Europe, Australia, and throughout the United States.

Passion for Business Development

Michael’s professional passion is sharing his enterprise experience with small business owners. As he points out, “By applying the Agile best practices developed within many of these enterprise organizations, businesses can focus more effectively on their core business activities ”.


IT Utility Company customers have with Michael Chacon an Agile coach who is truly an objective and experienced trusted advisor. The IT Utility Company does not sell hardware, software or imbed consultants into your company as many coaching providers do, eliminating what we believe is an intrinsic conflict of interest. We begin with understanding your business and what you are trying to accomplish. We then provide a review of your current development practices in relation to your business goals and objectives. Working together with you, an individual cost effective strategic plan is developed that focuses on your business.

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Agile Coach

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Having a well-rounded Agile Coach is one of the most important things to consider when an organization is looking to become agile. A natural leader with a commitment to innovation and success and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment Mike O'Toole brings an extensive well-rounded breadth of experience to Agile transformations. As a certified Scrum Master, and leveraging the expertise gained in software development, he had an integral role in helping Micron's Supply Chain Solutions teams successfully implement the Scrum framework. Those teams are now used as models for bringing new teams up to the same level of maturity.

Technical Background

Mike O'Toole has a degree in Management Information Systems and a Master's Degree in Software Engineering. He spent several years using ASP.NET C# developing custom web applications for a variety of public and private companies. His technical experience includes over 6 years of progressive programming, database, and BI technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BI Stack, Tableau, TFS, ASP.NET MVC (C#), HTML/CSS, and SharePoint. His technical certifications include MCSEs in Business Intelligence, Data Platform, SQL Server 2012 and MCPDs in Windows Azure Development and SharePoint 2010

Agile Experience

Since much of this development over the years was within the Scrum framework, he formed a solid foundation in the Agile principles. Combining his deep knowledge of Scrum within the software context with his expertise in Business Intelligence, he brought the two together and helped transform the way BI solutions are delivered in enterprise organizations. Fulfilling the Product Owner role for one team and the Scrum Master/Coach for the other teams within the department, he helped turn them into value delivery machines through increased throughput and quality.

Building upon this experience, he formed a Scrum of Scrums acting as the Chief Product Owner for all enterprise BI solutions, working to orchestrate the agreement and execution of priorities across over 20 Product Owners spanning all business departments across the company. The most important lessons learned are that being Agile means following the principles of Agile, not a list of rules and processes, and that Agile doesn't work without management buy-in at all levels.

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Claude King

Chief Technologist

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As Chief Technologist Claude is responsible for ensuring that the IT Utility Company maintains its pulse on the unrelenting technological developments that affect our customers. For over 25 years Claude has been directly involved at the forefront of such technical developments as multi threaded and multitasking operating systems, LANs, WANs, including bridging, routing, and when multiple bridges were instantiated on a chip, switching.

During the early days of the protocol wars, he was fluent in the interoperability between IPX, VINES, XNS, LAT, and of course the early underdog but ultimate victor TCP, UDP, IP, MPLS. Claude has also been at the vanguard of network designs that support the convergence of voice, video, and data. A strong proponent of "Quality of Services" QoS in network design, allowing connectionless networks, to respond to time sensitive data like voice and video in manner similar to connection orientated networks i.e. telephone and cable. This allows the network to be aware of requirements that individual applications need to work effectively, preventing low priority traffic from interfering with business critical data.

More recently, he has been designing and implementing statewide enterprise interactive data and video networks using a combination of local carrier ADSL and leased lines. The resulting infrastructure supports distant learning systems that support people and content video with bridge, gatekeeper, and gateways to the Internet and Internet II. The security model implemented is supported by Microsoft's Active Directory and messaging with Microsoft Exchange.

Enterprise Experience Development

Claude developed his expertise by designing and deploying the first LAN for the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication in the 1980's. He then planned and implemented its transformation from 3Com, to LAN Manager, to Windows NT over the next decade. He also managed the physical infrastructure transformations using FDDI, Coax Ethernet, twisted pair, ATM, ADSL, Gigabit Ethernet, PSTN, satellite, among others. During these constant migrations, he always worked directly with vendors such as 3Com, IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft with methodical evaluations and testing of interconnectivity issues.

His diligent efforts got him invited to join special technical advisory councils with such vendors as 3Com, Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, and others. As a result, he was often invited to present the results of these evaluations at professional technical conference such as TechEd, WinConnections, and others. He has also published articles for LAN Times and technical planning and migrations guides for 3Com and Microsoft.

Business and Technology

There are many able technical people in this industry, but few with the length and breadth of experience and expertise that Claude King possesses. However, along with this impressive technical background, the most important value that Claude brings to your table, and well as the reason the vendors are always interested in working with him, is that he brings business practicality into the center of his work. Even the coolest technology is not going to have a long shelf life if it does not solve real business problems. Claude ensures that the business value of technology is always at the forefront of his technology recommendations for your company.

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Scrum Master

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Brian Fariss is an experienced and disciplined Business Analyst with extensive domain knowledge necessary in eliciting the details of organizational operations from the people who do the work, and then translating them into technical requirements for development teams that work with both waterfall and Agile development methodologies. As Brian points out, “Information technologies cannot effectively serve the overall needs of an organization without adequately understanding the requirements of the business processes.” A consummate communicator, Brian possesses sharp analytical and problem solving skills honed from working on a wide range of projects in multiple roles and sectors. Combined with his pragmatic and ordered approach to analysis, Brian provides business partners with solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Analytical Experience

Brian's extensive involvement in program evaluation and developing metrics of success allow him to not only meet the needs of the current circumstances, but also to ensure that he is able to anticipate needs and communicate them clearly. As he frequently points out, "What matters is what we measure." While "data driven decisions" have become industry buzz words, Brian continues to drive focus on context and meaning to raise the bottom-up demands of the people in the trenches to articulate operational need and the top-down metrics required for accountability and responsibility. His experience includes ensuring the data metrics are embedded in the information system functionality, as well as using professional analytical tools, such as IBM's Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), to translate the collected data into actionable information. He also has practical experience in using SPSS to analyze time-dimensioned data collected in data warehouses.

Conflict Communication

Brian possesses a unique background for a Business Analyst. He has extensive knowledge and experience working in clinical settings, including Forensic Mental Health Units. These skills and insights allow Brian to work with teams functioning on the spectrum of rapid deployment while supporting patients with a history of dysfunction. One of the core principles that Brian works with is the knowledge that conflict, when healthily expressed and explored, is the engine of innovation and change. Because of this, Brian endeavors to establish safe places within the business sphere to discuss potentially sensitive issues, expectations, and realities to assist in clearing internal road blocks to success.

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